Sunday, 11 September 2016

Favourite Youtubers

Hey guys

So recently I have been watching a lot of YouTube, so I thought it would be a good idea to share who I've been loving lately.
Personally I love finding out about what youtubers people are watching as it introduces you to new people who you may of never heard of before, but might end up loving them!

The Saccone-Jolys - I've been watching them since Anna was pregnant with Eduardo and they still lived in Cork! It seems like years ago! They are a vlogging family, who post everyday and 6 p.m. They let us in on their lives which I find really interesting.

Shane Dawson - I mentioned Shane in my favourites post as I have been really loving him lately. Shane also posts daily and his videos never fail to make you laugh. So I would recommend him to everyone!

Doddleoddle (Dodie Clark) - With Dodies videos it doesn't matter if I have seen them a hundred ties and can still go back and watch them again and again. Dodie talks about anything from her struggles to what she has been up too. I love all of her content.

Nikinsammy - They videos never seem to not put a smile on my face, they are so funny even when they are trying not to be! they post a could of times a week so you never have to go long with a video from them. I have really been loving their newest series which is their carpool karaoke, as they bring loads of youtubers onto it.

Sophie Louise - I found her videos a few months ago and have been obsessed with them. I feel like sophie is really down to earth with herself and the audience, and I think thats why I love her so much. she does all sorts of videos from challenges to testing out make up brands like soap and glory and primark.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please leave in the comments who you have been watching lately and if you have anyone who you could recommend to me :)

XOXO - Unicorn Girl 

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Saturday, 3 September 2016

August Favourites 2016

Hey Guys

Its September already, this years going so fast! So now its time for a favourites post.


Recently I was just on YouTube (like always) and I stumbled across Tom Fletchers version on she falls asleep. Wow, there's something about this song and his voice that just makes it perfection. It just shows how brilliant he is, and I would recommend this to everyone!

I have also been really loving closer by the chainsmoakers ft Halsey. This song is really good and it puts me in a good mood when I hear it.

Tv shows:

This month I finished gossip girl (finally) and I have been obsessed with it, I constantly find myself quoting it. I would defiantly recommend gossip girl to everyone. If you have any tv shows you think I might like please leave them in the comments.


As I had finished gossip girl, I decided to watch chalet girl, which has ed westwick in (who plays the character chuck bass in gossip girl), and I really enjoyed it. It's a really upbeat happy film which just constantly has you laughing.


Harry Potter and the cursed child, where do I begin! I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and was over the moon when I could finally get my hands on this! It took me only 5 hours to read the whole thing, I couldn't put it down. I felt like I was back in the wizarding world once again!


This month I ran out of my Jimmy Choo 'Flash' perfume, which I was quite upset about as that is all I've been wearing this month as it smells so nice. I was also slightly obsessed with the bottle too, as I haven't had a perfume shaped like that before.


This month I have been loving Shane Dawson's conspiracy videos, they are so interesting and consantly have you on edge. I would defiantly recommend them to anyone who likes things like that.

I hope you enjoyed this post, even though it's filled with a lot of random favourites!
Please leave in the comments what your favourites have been this month.

XOXO - Unicorn Girl

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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Back To School Essentials

Hey Guys!!

Sadly, its nearly the end of august and that means that its nearly time to go back to school. However the only good thing about that is the shopping! So today I'm going to be showing you a few of my essentials when it comes to going back to school.

Folders are a great way of keeping all of your papers organised, so I have a ring binder and a leaver arch folder. I got the white and navy striped ring binder from sainsbury's last year, but I recently picked up the  patterned leaver arch folder from wilkos and it was only £2.

To go inside the folders I picked up 10 subject dividers from wilkos for only 30p. I also picked up 50 plastic wallets to go inside the folder from wilkos for 89p. These are both great to keep your folders organised, so that you don't loose any important papers or homework.

I also have a pink A4 notebook, which I got from sainsburys for about £1. These are great for doing homework and recording important notes.

My pencil case is from Victoria's secret. I got it for Christmas last year and i'm still in love with it. My pencil case isn't complete yet as i still need to get a ruler, rubber and a sharpener, but its basically there. I have 4 different colour highlighters, which where a pound from asda. These are great for making words stand out when annotating and making notes. I have a few black and blue pens and some pencils. These are just basics really. I also have a black sharpie, because everyone needs a sharpie at some point, a red pen and some multi-coloured pens. Throughout the year I know I will end up losing them, but it is nice to go back to school with new things. 

Finally, I have a bag from primark which was only £14. It as an over the shoulder strap and an arm strap. I'm probably only going to use the arm strap. This bag is big enough to fit an A4 folder in, but u cant zip it up.

I also like to keep a pocket mirror and clear nail varnish in my bag, just in case i need them.

I hope you enjoyed my first official post back!  
Leave in the comments what your back to school essentials are, and check out my new Instagram!

XOXO - Unicorn Girl

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Hi guys!

Its been a very long time since I have been active on my blog. 

Just to let you guys know that I now have an Instagram!! Through Instagram (like twitter) you will be updated when there are new posts out and maybe even some sneak previews to what future posts will be about.

I'm glad to be back after my break, with new and exciting posts!
Leave in the comments if there are any posts you would like to see,

Unicorn Girl xx

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Taking A Break

Hey Guys

So, as you may of noticed recently that I haven't been very active on this blog, and that is because recently I haven't felt like I am enjoying this as much as I did when I first started this blog. I feel as if it is more of a chore than a hobby.
So I have decided to take a break from this blog so that I don't decide to delete my this and regret it.

I'm not to sure to when I will bring my blog back, but I will be active on my twitter and let you guys know to when I'm coming back.

I hope you guys all understand.

Unicorn Girl xxx

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Sunday, 28 February 2016

February Favourites

Hey Guys

Now that February is drawing to a close, I thought that its time for a favourites post!

Eos lip balm - Vanilla:

I'm obsessed with my eos, I seen to have it wit me 24/7, it smells so lovely and feels amazing on your lips. I have used balmi and Vaseline before but I do think Eos is the best.

Pink - Fresh and Clean 2 in 1 wash and scrub: 

This 2 in 1 wash and scrub is such a life saver, normally im to lazy to use a scrub but since its in with a body wash. I love it. It smells of fresh apple and lily, which really wakes you up on a morning. Its my first body wash from Victoria secret and I will deffinlty go back and get some more.

Jack Wills Body Butter:

I usually only use soap and glory  butters, but for Christmas in a Jack wills set I got this body butter. I love the texture and the smell. Its just as good as any other body butter i've ever had.

Teen Beach Movie :

Teen beach is about two surfers who get trapped in a musical world and have to find a way to get out before its too late and they change the movie. Other that High School Musical, teen beach is my favourite Disney original movie. 

Coldplay - A Head Full Of Dreams :

Recently I have been getting really obsessed with Coldplay. Ever since they performed at the Super Bowl, I have loved them. My favourite songs off their new album have got to be Hymn for the weekend, Birds, Amazing Day and Adventure of a lifetime. Leave in the comments what yours is!


My friend actually recommend this, and even though i've only been watching it for a few day I think it deserves to be on here. Its brilliant, its about a group of teens who are in college, which controversial story lines. Each episode focuses on one character and the struggles they face in life.

I hope you enjoy this post and please leave in the comments what you favourites have been this month!

Unicorn Girl xxx

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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Brainwavz BLU - 200 review

Hey guys 

Last week I was contacted by the people over at Brainwavz again,(
asking if I would like to review their new product. Obviously I jumped at the chance as I have previously owned a pair  of their earphones and loved them. 

These earphones aren't like normal ones which you can just plug into your phone, they are Bluetooth. I have recently been looking into getting some Bluetooth earphones as normally my earphones always break when being yanked out of phones or tablets. They are about £37 which I know is quiet expensive but they are really good sound quality and are very comfy. It took me a while to figure out how you actually charge them but in the right earphone there is a  black cover and once you take that off their is a place for a charger. They are Matt black which I've been obsessed with recently.  It was really easy to pair them with my phone, which I thought would be a hassle. 

What's included:

- earphone hard case
- ear hooks
- charging cable 
- 3 sets silicone ear tips 
- 1 set comply foam tips 

I love that they come with a case as then they are more protected when you are chucked into bags, and they don't tangle as easy.

I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Unicorn girl xxxx

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*Disclaimer- I was sent these to review, I didn't buy them*